NIH Human Subject Protection Training

I am participating in a summer public health research internship and was required to take this training about ‘human subject protection’ in research before I begin my work.

We’ve spoken a lot throughout the class about ethics and human rights in research studies and I thought this could be interesting for anyone who wants to read what the actual protocols for ethics in human research studies are. It largely discusses informed consent, rights of children, prisoners, and other vulnerable populations, and a lot of other topics that came up this semester in Global Access to Medicine.

Anyone who wants to complete the training or just review some of the information it provides can sign up on

.    –Click on the Register Button
.    –Complete the Registration form with your email and personal information.  Institutional affiliation should be either college/university or medical school depending upon your primary current institution.  The state entered should be the state where your current (or immediate past) academic institution is located.  Click Create Account button when finished and you can begin the training.


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