A Researchers Worst Nightmare!

A trial for an HIV vaccine had to be stopped before the trail could be completed because the vaccine was doing the complete opposite of what it was supposed to do. A number of 1,836 were followed and 172 of them contracted the virus.  It was found to be making some men MORE LIKELY to get HIV.  Men that were uncircumcised and received the vaccine were more vulnerable to acquiring the virus after getting the vaccine even when not participating in risky behaviors.  This higher susceptibility however, lessen after 18 months.

Why is it that when researchers realized that the vaccine was not protecting anyone from getting HIV and when they had suspicions hat it was making some men more susceptible to HIV that this faulty vaccine being administered?  Did this pharmaceutical company figure that their profits would be worth more than the lives of these men that were put in danger?

This is an example of a human rights violation because Merck, the pharmaceutical company, should have been a guardian of health and stopped administering this vaccine once they had suspicions that the drug was failing men.


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  1. evelynatiemo said:

    Wow, that’s really horrible. When and where did this trial take place? In an ideal world, Merck should have never continued with such a trial. But of course, we do not live in an ideal world, and the drive for money precedes all moral judgement. Wednesday’s discussion about the stigmatization that could possibly arise from having an HIV vaccination, I feel, was put into perspective by Professor Alcabes. He said that if an HIV vaccination were to ever come out, the number of flaws (if any) would not outweigh the benefits of such a vaccine. And as a result, such stigmatization may not even be something to worry about. Reading this report reinforces how very important it is for more research to be done in finding an effective vaccine. It also brings awareness to the fact that pharmaceutical companies like Merck need to be carefully monitored, for they will do anything for the sake of marketing a new drug on the market. But like Professor Alcabes also said on Wednesday, if a vaccine for HIV does indeed come out, it will be a huge deal and impact the lives of mankind for many years to come.

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